The “thank you” of the children of Bethlehem to the members of the Order

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Children of Bethlehem

A Children’s Reception Center in Bethlehem, administered by the Daughters of Charity, received the support of the Order: the Grand Magisterium forwarded the aid destined for them specifically by the Lieutenancy for Germany. We are happy to publish the moving letter that the children of this center, The Holy Family Children’s Home, wrote to their benefactors of the Order before the start of summer holidays.

Dear friends and benefactors,

We have come to the end of the school year once again which closes, as always, with a small party enriched by the presence the families and parents of outside children who participated in our playful performances, full of joy, amused and we were very excited to receive our report cards!!!

As always it was a lot of fun, but beneath it all there remains a little bit of sadness for those who will leave us to begin a new path of growth and learning in primary school. We too have to prepare to say goodbye carrying with us beautiful memories that we will jealously and carefully guard in our hearts.

Many of us have never had the fortune to know a family and this makes us feel even more alone and forgotten.

After the Crèche experience our future remains unknown even though other doors will open and welcome us to prepare for our future.

You know dear friends, these are always the sad moments of our story: Lives that continue with chapters that are more or less joyful, but which gift us the strength to continue and to go on despite everything. We know we are very fragile but also very sensitive to gestures of affection, care, human warmth and tenderness.

We are, like all the other children, in need of gestures of humanity, fraternity, and friendship that have been unfairly denied since we were born.

Dear friends, your desire to help us and your concern for us, move us... We are very grateful to you.

It is all of you who are our strength and our support... Do not forget us, do not abandon us! We carry the experience of abandonment within us from birth...

It’s a very harsh and frustrating experience not to be repeated. Thank you for all that you have always done with great love and that you continue to do with the same generosity that we know will not fall into a void.

We love you so much.

The little ones of the Bethlehem Crèche

(Summer 2017)