Jerusalem Cross: a new title for the Order's magazine

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Cross article

Dear Knights and Dames, dear friends of the Order,

This year our annual magazine, which is published in five languages, has taken the title Jerusalem Cross, referring to the banner that we carry. [Download here the magazine]

This new title will also be used for the quarterly newsletter to identify ourselves more clearly. This Cross is not the monopoly of Christians because it also symbolizes the Holy City for our Jewish brothers: the main cross indicates the spiritual center of the world and the other four smaller crosses the cardinal points.

I would like to take advantage of this opportunity to express my gratitude to Professor Agostino Borromeo, who founded this magazine twenty years ago and was Governor General over these last eight years, giving new impetus to the communication tools of the Grand Magisterium through the creation of a new website, available in five languages, that will complement our print publications. Together with the Communication’s Office of the Grand Magisterium, he chose this new name.

This development befits the sustained effort to continue to raise awareness of our Order, its mission and its actions in the service of all the inhabitants of the Holy Land.

Therefore, I ask all the Lieutenants across the world to aggressively publicize Jerusalem Cross, not only among our 30,000 members but also among people who want to discover the Order and perhaps to be part of it in the future. Internet will not replace the paper because such a printed document, full of testimonies of life lived, is an object that penetrates everywhere as a mission, especially in public places, and that allows you to “pick up” the cause of the Holy Land, and become more informed in an enjoyable and profound manner.

I wish you all a good read and a good use of Jerusalem Cross, asking the Lord to make us more each day ardent witnesses of his love for all.

Edwin Cardinal O’Brien

(May 2017)