American Lieutenants Conference in Quebec

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American Lieutenants Conference in Quebec American Lieutenants during the Quebec meeting from June 4-6, 2015

From June 4 to 6, 2015, the North American Lieutenants met in Quebec to have an opportunity for discussion and fraternal dialogue. Regular meetings are also planned for the European Lieutenants (which took place in May 2015) and, starting this year, for the Lieutenants of Asia and Oceania (to take place in the coming weeks of October). These meetings are important occasions that allow the Order, which has the joy of being present in so many countries around the world, to ensure that the leadership is in agreement on fundamental issues and that everyone is informed about recent events concerning both the Holy Land and the Order’s structure itself.

In addition to the Cardinal Grand Master, Edwin O’Brien, the Governor General, Agostino Borromeo, the Vice Governor General of North America, Patrick Powers, and other members of the Grand Magisterium, the meeting brought together ten Lieutenants from North America. Also present were the consultant Msgr. Robert Stern and Msgr. John Kozar of the Catholic Near East Welfare Association (CNEWA).

The busy schedule included various work sessions following the Grand Master’s opening address and an introduction given by the Governor General. Vice Governor General Powers briefly summarized the Order’s financial situation, while Thomas McKiernan, the President of the Commission for the Holy Land, described the projects that were implemented by the Order in 2014 and introduced the selected projects for 2015. After a short break, the floor was given to Msgr. Kozar who shared CNEWA’s perspective on the current situation in the Middle East, after which the annual reports of the Lieutenancies were presented.

Ample time was dedicated to an “open forum”, which took place the entire afternoon of June 5, and which allowed the Lieutenants the opportunity of discussing themes such as membership in the Order, spirituality, ongoing programs, and administration. The morning of June 6 was devoted to topics on the agenda such as communication, the situation of the American University of Madaba, fundraising, and Hotel Columbus. The meeting officially concluded that same day with a closing reception, which was organized by the Lieutenancy for Canada-Quebec under the direction of Lieutenant Jean-Claude Michaud, the Grand Prior, Cardinal Gerard Cyprien Lacroix, and the council.

During the month of August, the Vice Governor General Patrick Powers held a conference call with the five lieutenants who were not able to attend the meeting in Quebec City, to update them on the information that was shared at the meeting.

(September 1, 2015)